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Both MCCU branches will close at 4pm on Tuesday, July 16th as we welcome The Wall That Heals.The motorcycle escort is scheduled to go in front of our Barks Road location between 4:30pm-5pm and we invite all our members to join us there. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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Board and Staff List


Board & Staff

Board of Directors

  • Adam W. - Board Chair
  • Daniel D. - Treasurer
  • Ryan C.-Vice Chair
  • Matt K.- Secretary
  • Richard M.
  • Thomas V.
  • Cindy S.


  • Vidya, Ext. 300

Chief Financial Officer

  • Chris, Ext. 313

Business Development/Marketing

  • Daniel, Ext. 330

Quality Control Manager

  • Elaine, Ext. 307

Loan Manager

  • Becky, Ext. 320

Loan Officer

  • Beth, Ext. 322

Loan Processors

  • Crystal, Ext. 321
  • Jennifer, Ext. 331

Member Service Manager

  • Carol, Ext. 106

Barks Road Head Teller

  • Brooke, Ext 304

Barks Road Senior MSR

  • Jennifer B., Ext 318

Kenton Avenue Head Teller

  • Jamie, Ext. 104

Kenton Avenue Senior MSR

  • Lynn, Ext. 105
  • Rebecca, Ext. 103

Member Service Representatives

  • Robert
  • Sam
  • Jenny
  • Becca

Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Tanya

Accounting Clerk

  • Melinda, Ext. 308