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Latest announcements from MCCU

Bill Pay Update for Safari Browser Users

Posted 1 week ago

Subscribers who have updated to the latest release of Safari are experiencing an inability to use the bill pay product. The last Safari release defaulted browser settings to not allow third-party cookies or cross-site tracking. In addition, after changing browser settings to allow cookies and cross-site tracking, Safari is not saving the updated browser settings causing frustration for subscribers when logging in to their next bill pay session.

Apple is releasing patches to resolve this issue:

*Version 13.3 for iOS has been released and the issue is resolved.

*Version 13.1 for MAC OS has been pre-released to beta users. We have seen positive results, but do not have a date for general availability.

There are two temporary solutions:

*Change browser settings to allow third-party cookies and cross-site tracking each time when logging in to bill pay.

*Temporarily use another browser until the new Safari version is available.

We recommend you update to the latest version as soon as it is available. This will also require you to set the browser settings to allow cookies and cross-site tracking after the update.

We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your patience and cooperation as Apple works to resolve the issue with their browser.

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We're Growing!

Posted 4 months ago

It’s an exciting time at Marion Community Credit Union. Our continued growth means the need for an expansion and the first major renovation of our headquarters at Barks Road for member convenience and operations.

Over the next several months, members will see construction taking place in and around the building. Most of the work happening inside the existing building is planned for after hours with as little disruption to the members as possible.

Planned improvements include:

• additional offices

• renovated loan area

• new loan closing offices

• new account opening offices

• renovated lobby

• renovated teller line

• additional parking

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Thank You, Marion County!

Posted 8 months ago

Thank you to the hundreds of people who helped make the Marion County visit of The Wall That Heals such a success. Marion Community Credit Union was extremely proud to be the local sponsor and the community didn't disappoint.

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ATM Upgrades

Posted 6 months ago

At Marion Community Credit Union, we're always looking to enhance the many ways we keep your money and information protected. With ATM skimming on the rise throughout central Ohio lately, we've installed new equipment on the ATM's at our branches. Of course, there's always risk when using your card whether it's at an ATM, at the gas pump, or online. We want to remind you to stay diligent and check for any signs of equipment tampering before using your card. Keep a close eye on your accounts at all times and review them for unusual activity. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, don't hesitate to stop in or give us a call so we can investigate and make sure your hard-earned money stays right where it belongs.

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Watch Out for Scam Texts or Calls

Posted 6 months ago

We’ve heard about people in central Ohio getting scam texts claiming to be from their financial institution. Please remember we will never text you and ask for account information. Even if you receive a call and you’re suspicious, always ask who you’re speaking with, hang up, call our number (740-389-9960), and ask to speak with that person just to make sure.

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15 Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly [ARTICLE]

Posted 8 months ago

Nobody wants to spend month after month of open houses and showings trying to sell their house. CLICK HERE to read our article from Current Balance for tips to make it happen quickly.

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